Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chris Hammack Class

 This past Friday and Saturday, eleven carvers from around the area enjoyed a two day class with Chris Hammack in my studio.  Most of the students were from Utah, however, there were a couple of carvers brave enough to venture here from Wyoming.  Each student had a wide variety of rough-outs to choose from but most selected the figures for the bar scene.  Chris has 11 carvings that make up the bar scene, most are cowboys, however, this year he added a couple of women and a biker dude.  I think most carvers walked out with the whole set.

The two days were filled with laughter, Chris is a great story teller and had the group in stitches both days.  He has an endless list of jokes that keeps the carvers laughing and relaxed the whole time.  The two days seemed to fly by. 
My wife, Kerry provided lunch for the gang both days, with hot meals and fresh home made cookies, she was a hit.  Several of the guys commented that they only came for the lunch and carving was second.
We plan to have Chris back next year, as he promised more figures for the bar scene and some new full figures as well.

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