Sunday, December 7, 2014

Annual Christmas Carving Class

Each year about this time the Utah Valley Wood Carving Club invites me to teach a 2-day Christmas carving class.   Once again I had a good time with my carving friends.  Everyone chose their project from my collection of Christmas rough-outs, including the 2 new designs for this year.

 Farrell and Susan busy at work.

 Mary and Jeanette are busy at work.

 Looks like Jim is telling another story to newcomer, Keith

 I was happy to see Deb in my class again.
Here's the gang, minus Bob who had to leave early.  Don't you agree this is a fine looking group of carvers?

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Darrel's Family Reunion

Darrel's Uncle Dwight

Uncle Dwight showed up at the reunion all painted.  I'm going to get started on another Darrel rough-out and see who shows up next - maybe Darrel's sister.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Best In Show Award - CCA Competition

Last month I had an idea for a new carving - 2 workers driving spikes to lay a rail line.  They're not the best workers though since they drink on the job.  

 The guy on his knees has some work-related injuries, a big bandage on his thumb and another wrapped around his head.  You can see from his expression that he knows there is more pain to come.

I began this project by sculpting both pieces in clay which allows me to move and twist the figures to the right pose before drawing the pattern for my band saw cut-out.

When the characters were completely carved, it was time to work on creating the scene.  Everything on this project is formed from wood.  I did some relief carving on the base for the railroad ties and carved the rails and spikes from bass wood.  The "rocks" were cut from balsa wood, individually painted and then glued in place. 

Once all the components were assembled to the top layer of the base I cut out the bottom piece from mahogany and routed the edge.  The "Don't Drink and Drive" sign was wood burned onto bass wood.

I packaged it up and said good-bye at the UPS Store, hoping it would arrive safely at the CCA Competition in Converse, IN.  Today the postman left a smaller package on my doorstep which to my surprise contained the Best of Show trophy the CCA awarded me for this carving.

The caricature on the trophy was carved by Don Mertz and the woodburning was done by Rich Smithson of Helvie Knives, which makes the award even more special.

Darrel's Family Reunion

Remember this guy, Darrel?  Come to find out he has a family and they all live in the same rough-out.  Kind of like multiple personalities.

I picked up my knife to whittle on a Darrel rough-out and found his Uncle Dwight inside.  I think there are some other relatives lurking in this rough-out.  It's going to be fun to see who comes out next.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creede Woodcarving Rendezvous

Last week I traveled to Creede, Co. to teach at the annual Creed Woodcarving Rendezvous.  What a great time!  I've heard about Creede for many years and I'm so glad that I finally submitted an application to teach there. 

Creede is a beautiful historic mining town surrounded by high peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  The organizing committee did a wonderful job of providing classes in a variety of carving techniques, a vendor area, and food right on the carving site. The event is held in the Creede Community Center which is underground in a mine shaft.  Several of the classes and the vendor area were also in the mine shafts.

I taught for 3 days with rotating students.  This teaching format is different than what I usually offer but it worked out good and gave me an opportunity to meet more carvers.  Several students were in class all 3 days, others just 1 or 2. 

View from the Community Center

 Dwight carved the Trail Boss

 Mother and son, Melodie and Rode are beginners and did a good job on Skeeter and Buzz.

 You may recognize these Okies as Phil & Vicki Bishop who carved with me for 3 days. After class they followed us home for a few days visit at our cabin.

 Tom and Alan busy at work on Old Timer and Gramps.

 Jim is a fisherman and enjoyed carving Skeeter.

 Bev joined our class for 1 day and carved Darrel.

 Husband and wife, Marlon and Kathy carved Ol Buck and the Christmas Bear.

Sign up for next year's event HERE and don't forget to make hotel reservations early as there are only a few hotels in town.  If you have an RV there are several campgrounds within an easy distance.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finished Projects

This last week has been cold and rainy here, in fact, I even got snowed on.  The only good thing about bad weather in the spring is it gives you an excuse to stay in the studio instead of doing yard work.

I took full advantage of this and painted my last two carving projects, Winter Santa and Darrel.  They have nothing to do with each other but both were fun to carve.

Even though the title of this post is "finished" projects, here's St. Nick, carved and ready for painting.  I'm thinking this could be either a refrigerator magnet or a great ornament for the Christmas tree.

Rough-outs for Darrel and Winter Santa will be on my website in about a week along with cutouts for St. Nick.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The "Darrel" Family

Here's a fun project that can be finished quickly.  This is Darrel, you know, Darrel's other brother, not his cousin, Darrel.  He is 7" tall and rough-outs will be available on my website in a few weeks.  

Of course, this rough-out could be changed a bit to make him into Darrel's cowboy cousin and I have a few ideas for more Darrel family members from the same rough-out.

I'll post again when he's all painted and on my website.